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Against All Odds, Seek Progress with Stability! EGL Tours choose Cityray to upgrade its HRMS in these Tough Times

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, everything have been affected. EGL tours took the opportunity to re-organise their business strategy, and opened up a new business pathway during these difficult times. They even chose Cityray to upgrade their existing HRMS to Cityray’s latest technology, iHRPLUS EVO 6®, equipping themselves to meet the retaliatory business opportunities after the recovery.

Good news! TamJai International Group signed a cooperation agreement with Cityray

TamJai International signed a contract with Cityray to provide human resources technology solutions for all branches of TamJai Yunnan Mixian and TamJai SamGor Mixian. Adopting iHRPLUS® EVO 6 as the core system to systematize their current HR management and the Employee Self-Service system to aid the supervisor of each branch with the shift roster management.

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