Product and Solutions


Services offered

To help enterprise standardising management, to unify HR related information platform, to control company internal risks, so as to enhance overall efficiency and quality of HR department by accurate and timely calculation of payroll.


Through a simple tree diagram, management level can better implement HR strategic planning

Software implementation

To help with better salary calculation, planning and analysis

Software testing

A tool for staff welfare benefit design and control

Talent management

To control employees leave and to design leave policy

Why Cityray


All Cityray employees have a rich knowledge in human resources field, in addition to our comprehensive assessment, employees will be skillful enough to handle project consultation, and provide better service by our engineers


One of the successful case of Cityray is that it is attracted more than 1000 well-known international enterprises and of which, some are world's top 500. Our customers cover all field of industries including banking and finance, professional service, construction, wholesale, hotel, logistics, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical.

Our skills

Cityray integrated high flexibility concept to its product design to match market needs. Undoubtly, it is an important factor for enterprise to keep a leading position in the market.

Our experiences

In the field of human resources industry for 25 years and having witnessed the change in Chinese mainland market, Cityray acts as a representative and a dedicated leader.

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