After twenty years of mutual trust, Bank J. Safra Sarasin Limited Hong Kong and Cityray renewed their partnership

Bank J. Safra Sarasin Limited (J. Safra Sarasin), founded in 1841 and headquartered in Basel, Switzerland, with nearly 180 years of history. It performs investment advice for private and institutional investors, as well as asset management and investment funds. In addition, it also provides corporate investment, finance and financial analysis. As of 2014, the total assets of J. Safra Sarasin in global management reached 147.4 billion Swiss francs, equivalent to 1,183 billion Hong Kong dollars.


Bank J. Safra Sarasin Limited Hong Kong (J. Safra Sarasin Hong Kong) has been using Cityray’s HRPLUS® as its human resource management technology system since 1998. In the past 20 years, Cityray has been providing proficient and reliable support services to J. Safra Sarasin Hong Kong as a backing for its continuous development in the Hong Kong business.

Given the increasing demands towards the HR management system, J. Safra Sarasin decided to upgrade the existing system to the Internet version and adopt the Employee Self-Service system to improve the overall application level of the system in early 2019. During the decision to upgrade the system, J. Safra Sarasin Hong Kong followed the instructions from its headquarter and tried referencing other service providers’ plans for comparison. 

Since Cityray has delivered high-quality services in the past, provided professional and meticulous advice to J. Safra Sarasin Hong Kong, and has extensive experience in serving multinational enterprises. Therefore, Cityray was fortunate to stand out among the competitors and continue to be the human resource technology partner of J. Safra Sarasin Hong Kong. This upgrade mainly includes the following items:

  • Upgrade the core system from the current HRPLUS® V9 version (client-server model) to iHRPLUS® EVO 6 (Internet version);
  • The new add-ons of the Employee Self-Service system and the employee e-Leave management function optimize the existing management process.


For more than 30 years, Cityray’s HR technology solutions, HRPLUS® (client-server model) and iHRPLUS® (Internet version) have provided services to many well-known Chinese, Hong Kong and multinational companies, and cooperated with customers’ business development by providing professional human resource management technology solutions. With rich experience in the field and dedicated services, Cityray will successfully implement this system upgrade plan for J. Safra Sarasin Hong Kong and back up its business development. 

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互信二十載,瑞士嘉盛銀行香港(Bank J. Safra Sarasin Hong Kong)與施特偉再續合作關係



嘉盛於香的分公 (嘉盛香港) 1998年開使施特偉的HRPLUS®作為其人力資。在過往的20年,施特偉一直為嘉盛香可靠的支,以作為其持之後盾。有鑑於對系的需上升,嘉盛於2019年初決將現有的系為互聯網版,並加自助系,以提升系的應。在決之時,嘉盛香總公的指並嘗商的方以作比較。由施特偉在過往能提優質服的同,亦能為嘉盛香及細的建,並具誇國企的豐,因在芸的競手當中,施特偉有幸能再穎而出續成嘉盛香的人力資。這次提 

  • 將基由現時的HRPLUS® V9  (客戶端/伺服器架構) 升級至 iHRPLUS EVO 6® (互聯網版);  
  • 新增員工自助系統,並加入員工電子休假管理功能,優化現有管理流程。 


三十多年以,施特偉的方HRPLUS® (客戶端/伺服器架構iHRPLUS® (互聯網版) 一直為不少知的中港及跨,以專的人力資配合客們的業。憑的經及用心專注的服,施特偉定能為嘉盛香這次系,為其發展作後如欲了解更多關於施特偉的最新科技方案,歡迎致電(852) 2111-7111或電郵至 enquiry@cityray.com與我們的專業顧問團隊聯絡。