New Rules, New Norm. With MobileRAT, MCM Declares RAT Results in Style

COVID-19 has devastated the world since 2020. Although the epidemic is now largely under control, the infection rate remains high. During the fifth wave, Hong Kong’s single-day cases once stayed in the tens of thousands. Therefore, the government urges the public to take regular rapid antigen tests (RAT) to protect self-health and that of others.

In response to the government’s appeal, many corporations also require employees to declare regular RAT results. Once a positive result is submitted, the corporation will initiate relevant countermeasures to protect the health of other employees and customers (service industry).

However, many corporates rely on traditional methods to collect employees’ test results, such as requiring employees to submit RAT results and pictures to supervisors via mobile messaging software. Such practices are not only inefficient but also time and cost-consuming for administration.

The RAT declaration platform “MobileRAT” developed by Cityray provides a convenient and systematic solution for enterprises. Cityray’s clients can use MobileRAT for free. Registered employees can declare their temperature and RAT results through the mobile web page with the picture attached. The system displays 7-consecutive days of results. HR can download declaration records stored in the cloud for internal review on the up-to-date infection numbers.

MCM Fashion Group Limited (MCM) has adapted MobileRAT as its internal RAT declaration platform. As a world-renowned brand in the apparel industry, MCM has adapted Cityray’s iHRPLUS® and ESS as its main system for payroll and roster management since 2014 and has been in close partnership with Cityray. Further adapting MobileRAT assists MCM in reducing the time and resources spent coping with COVID-19, strengthening its competitiveness.





Cityray推出的快測申報平台”MobileRAT” 正好為企業提供一個有方便及有系統的平台。Cityray的企業客戶可免費使用 MobileRAT ,己登記的員工可透過手機網頁申報他們的體溫及快測結果,並附上快測包照片,而系統會顯示連續7 天的檢測記錄;HR用戶可統一集合於雲端存儲的申報記錄,以供內部掌握呈陽性結果的人數的最新數據。

作為Cityray的其中一位企業客戶,MCM Fashion Group Limited (MCM) 亦採用了MobileRAT作為新冠快速測試的內部申報平台。貴為服裝界的全球知名品牌,MCM已於2014年開始採用Cityray的iHRPLUS®及員工自助服務系統作為薪酬管理以及編制人手的主要系統,與Cityray一直合作無間。是次Cityray推出的MobileRAT平台,更進一步減省了MCM因應應對新冠病情而所損耗的資源及時間,為企業加強其競爭優勢。


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