Employee Self Service

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What is Employee Self Service (ESS)?

Employee Self Service (ESS) is a web-based application or portal that enables employees to manage various HR-related tasks on their own, without the need to contact the HR department or their manager.With a SaaS ESS system, organizations can quickly and easily implement the solution without the need for on-premise infrastructure or IT support, and scale up or down as their business needs change almost effortlessly.

Common features of Employee Self Service (ESS)

Personal Information Management

Employees can access and update their personal information such as name, address, contact details, emergency contacts, and other relevant details via the SaaS ESS system.

Payroll and Compensation

Employees can view their salary details, pay stubs, and tax information, and can also update their banking information for deposit on Employee Self Service (ESS) directly.

Time and Attendance Management

Employees can view their work schedules, log their hours worked, and submit timesheets for approval through Employee Self Service (ESS).

Leave Management

Employees can apply for leaves, check their balances, and track the status of their leave applications via Employee Self Service (ESS).

Workflow Management

Employees can initiate and manage HR-related workflows easier when a SaaS ESS system is in place.

Performance Management

Employees can view their performance goals, provide feedback, and receive performance evaluations by logging in the SaaS ESS system.

Benefits of Employee Self Service (ESS)

Increased efficiency and productivity

SaaS ESS system streamlines HR-related tasks and empowers employees to handle many of these tasks independently, freeing up HR departments to focus on more strategic activities.

Greater employee engagement and satisfaction

Employee Self Service System empowers employees to manage their own HR-related tasks and provides them with access to information and resources that can help them succeed and grow within the organization, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction.

Improved data security and confidentiality

Employee Self Service (ESS) provides secure access to employee leave data, protecting sensitive employee information and ensuring data privacy.

Improved accuracy of employee data

ESS system allows employees to update their own personal information, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring that employee data is accurate and up to date.

Introducing self-service management flow

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is based on Cityray HR core solution, allowing employees from different levels to do their own parts (business)

A system with comprehensive functions

Support multi language, flow control, user friendly reports, access control, right delegation, etc. It can meet the demands of enterprise of all size.

Simple setup, easy to use, smooth handling

Simple setup procedure yet high expandability. Functions such as information notification and mail tracking allow increase work efficiency and thus reduce cost.

Types of workflow management

Sequential workflow management

A linear workflow that follows a set of predefined steps.

Parallel workflow management

Multiple tasks that can be done simultaneously, independently or in combination.

State-driven workflow management

Activities that are triggered by changes in the status of a document, a task, or a process.

Dynamic workflow management

Allows the workflow to change dynamically based on user input, feedback or data.

Features of Leave Management System

A Leave Management System is part of the SaaS ESS system that helps organizations manage employee leave requests and absences. Here are some common features of a Leave Management System.

Employee self-service

This feature of the Leave Management System allows employees to submit leave requests, view their leave balances, and check the status of their leave applications.

Leave policy configuration

The Leave Management System of a SaaS ESS system should be able to configure leave policies specific to the organization’s rules and regulations.

Leave calendar

The SaaS ESS should have a Leave Management System that provides a calendar view that displays the leave schedule for employees and managers to see the availability of the team.

Leave application and approval

The Leave Management System should provide a configurable leave application and approval workflow to allow managers to approve or reject leave requests.

Leave balances

The Leave Management System should keep track of employees’ leave balances and deduct leave days automatically.

Reports and analytics

The Leave Management System of SaaS ESS should provide reports and analytics on employee leave application data, for example, the leave application patterns and frequency.

Benefits of Leave Management System

Simplified leave management process

Leave Management System is an important element of SaaS ESS since it automates and streamlines the leave application and management process, making it easier for employees and HR departments to track and manage leave requests, approvals, and balances.

Increased accuracy

Leave Management System eliminates manual processes and reduces the risk of errors and discrepancies in leave tracking, ensuring accurate leave balances, accruals, and usage reports.

Reduced workload for HR and managers

Leave Management System automates many of the manual tasks associated with leave management, allowing valuable resources to be allocated on more important tasks.

Improved employee satisfaction and engagement

Leave Management System of the ESS system empowers employees to manage their own leave requests and provides real-time visibility into their leave balances and usage, leading to increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

Compliance with employment laws and regulations

Leave Management System helps organizations stay compliant with employment laws and regulations by ensuring that leave policies and practices are consistent and in line with legal requirements.

Real-time visibility

Leave Management System provides real-time visibility into employee leave balances and usage, enabling managers and HR to make informed decisions about staffing and resource allocation.

Automated leave accrual and carryover

Leave Management System automates the leave accrual and carryover process, ensuring that employees receive the correct amount of leave time and that unused leave is carried over to the next year according to company policy.

Collaborate to achieve company success

Modules such as eLeave, Overtime, Compensation, etc, work together for smooth operation within the company

Self Service System

Employee can check and amend personal detail in the system

eLeave Management

From the selection of different leave types, employees can submit leave application, check leave balance and track the approval flow

Overtime Management

Employees can apply OT claim. From that, managers can see OT situation and control the claim.

Payslip enquiry

Employees can check their historical payslip record anytime, as well as printing out

Customised flow control

Cityray ESS is not limited to the pre-set functions. We can tailor make what is the best for you.

Wage Management

Support different wage policies, promptly and accurately calculate wage with tax, social insurance, performance and attendance taken into account.

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