Employee Self Service

Control business at your own hands

Introducing self-service management flow

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is based on Cityray HR core solution, allowing employees from different levels to do their own parts (business)

A system with comprehensive functions

Support multi language, flow control, user friendly reports, access control, right delegation, etc. It can meet the demands of enterprise of all size.

Simple setup, easy to use, smooth handling

Simple setup procedure yet high expandability. Functions such as information notification and mail tracking allow increase work efficiency and thus reduce cost.

Collaborate to achieve company success

Modules such as eLeave, Overtime, Compensation, etc, work together for smooth operation within the company

Self Service System

Employee can check and amend personal detail in the system

eLeave Management

From the selection of different leave types, employees can submit leave application, check leave balance and track the approval flow

Overtime Management

Employees can apply OT claim. From that, managers can see OT situation and control the claim.

Payslip enquiry

Employees can check their historical payslip record anytime, as well as printing out

Customised flow control

Cityray ESS is not limited to the pre-set functions. We can tailor make what is the best for you.

Wage Management

Support different wage policies, promptly and accurately calculate wage with tax, social insurance, performance and attendance taken into account.

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