iHRPLUS V6, a system with high flexibility, allows it to fulfill the needs of dynamic market demand.It is an integration of strategic human capital management And the base of product modular platform.


To help enterprise standardising management, to unify HR related information platform, to control company internal risks,so as to enhance overall efficiency and quality of HR department by accurate and timely calculation of payroll.

Organisation Structure Management

Through a simple tree diagram, management level can better implement HR strategic planning

Wage (compensation, benefit) Management

To help with better salary calculation, planning and analysis

Social Insurance Management

A tool for staff welfare benefit design and control

Leave (eLeave) Management

To control employees leave and to design leave policy

Personnel Information Management

To manage information of employees, covering all details of their career cycle in the company

Report Management

All sorts of report covering organization structure, HR, wage, etc, presenting in different forms


HR Strategic Role

Strategic Role of HR Department

As the operation support, it provides sufficient HR support to business operation, such as high transparency HR information, and collaborate with other modules, allowing a compatible information platform.

HR Management Platform

Unified HR Management System Platform

Never bounded by time or geographical constraint. Enterprise can promptly and accurately analyse business from its data, allowing in time control and monitor, also to provide reliable data support for strategic decision.

Standardise HR Management

Strengthen HR Control and Management

When process different HR modules, the system ensures standardization of management and it controls base on real time information. It also strengthens the supervision of personnel business from technical level.

HR Efficiency

Enhance Efficiency of HR Department

An comprehensive and advanced system can highly increase work efficiency. Our intelligent report generator and analysis enable managers to free from tedious HR work, they can in turn focus more on strategic planning and incentive programme, etc.

HR Quality Management

Enhance Quality Management of HR Department

System supports human allocation and assessment which can greatly reduce pressure of management level. Through reliable statistics and data analysis, it provides the most accurate data and results for reference so manager can supervise and assess in a more efficient manner.

Flexible Customization

Cityray HR system can be further extended from its core solution, to various modules such as attendance, recruitment, training, performance and cost management as well as employee self service, they all work closely together to achieve sustainable strategic HR development.

Attendance Management

data analysis and report generation

Training Management

Training preparation and implementation, effectiveness analysis

Recruitment Management

Vacancies and recruitment management such as hiring process and operation

Performance Management

data feedback and analysis. Performance assessment and control