Integrated with high flexibility

to adapt to dynamic market changes

1.Portable HR+

1. Portable HR+ application, derived from the most advanced Cityray

system iHRPLUS V6, provides strategic management for HR. Employees are

able to interact (communicate) with HR information system any time with

any device.

2.ESS Functions

2. Portable HR+, consists of the function from ESS (PC version) such as multi language and multiple role, as well as application and approval function. Employees from different level can process their work any time without the geographical limit, providing high flexibility.

3.User Friendly

3. Portable HR+ is widely recognized as user friendly. With its clear interface and menu, tasks can be done promptly and easily.

4.Easy to Manage

4. Portable HR+ provides employees contact list, company news announcement, payslip lookup, leave and overtime application and approval, etc. Managers can simply login with any device to get the latest company information or approval requests. In that case, approval requests will not be left pending causing time out, which will jam company operation.


5. Portable HR+ supports company internal survey, duty travel claim and other application and approval. It takes potential for expansion into account, so there are huge room for the system to expand and develop helping the enterprise sustainable.

Portable HR+, whole business at your finger tips

Making management simpler and easier

MOBILE HR+ is packed with the following mini programs that makes the application more swift

wechat-mini programs

dingtalk-mini programs

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