Good news! TamJai International Group signed a cooperation agreement with Cityray

Cityray has once again won the trust and support of a large chained brand in Hong Kong! In mid-2019, TamJai International signed a contract with Cityray, to provide human resource technology solutions for all branches of TamJai Yunnan Mixian and TamJai SamGor Mixian. TamJai mainly provides characteristic Chinese soup noodles. In just over a decade, it has successfully set off a brand-new food trend, making it one of the mainstream food cultures in Hong Kong. Indeed, a legend in the Hong Kong food industry. 


With the steady growth of their business and paving the way for entering overseas markets, TamJai’s demand for human resource management has considerably increased in recent years.  

In May 2019, they signed a cooperation agreement with Cityray, which will adopt iHRPLUS® EVO 6 as the core human resource management technology system. At the same time, adding the Employee Self-Service (ESS) platform further improves their human resource management technology.  

At the HR user level, iHRPLUS® EVO 6 mainly systematizes TamJai’s current salary and leave management. The new add-on Employee Self-Service system, which includes shift, attendance, and leave management, salary information query, and more functions, allows the supervisor of each branch to effortlessly manage the shift roster with the custom-made program using a tablet. 


Cityray has provided HR technology solutions for many large chained brands for many years. With this vast experience, Cityray has successfully implemented a well-rounded new management plan for TamJai to keep up with the pace of its business development. 

In the days to come, Cityray will continue to focus on developing human-resource-related technologies to match the current business development of various industries. Among the developments, the API technology can integrate clients’ other third-party existing system records into our system to achieve the different needs of clients, further improving human resource management’s efficiency. 

For more Cityray’s latest technology solutions, please call (852) 2111-7111 or email to contact our professional consultant team. 



施特偉再次獲得香港大型連鎖品牌的信任及支持!於2019年中,譚仔國際與施特偉簽約,為其旗下的譚仔雲南米線及譚仔三哥米線提供人力資源科技方案。譚仔主要提供特色麵食 ,在短短十多年間成功掀起一股嶄新的飲食潮流,使其成為香港主流飲食文化之一,實在是香港飲食界的一個傳奇 

隨著業務穩步上揚的發展,加上為進軍海外市場鋪路,譚仔對人力資源的管理需求在近年大大提高。於2019年5月,譚仔與施特偉簽署合作協議,將會採用iHRPLUS® EVO 6 作為基礎的人力資源管理科技方案,同時亦會加入員工自助平台,使人力資源管理科技進一步提升。在HR用家層面,iHRPLUS® EVO 6主要會將現時的薪酬管理、休假管理進一步系統化;而新加入的員工自助系統,則有包括編班管理、出勤管理、休假管理、以及薪酬資料查詢等功能,讓各分店主管能使用平板電腦輕鬆地操訂製的編更程式 

施特偉多年來為眾多大型連鎖品牌提供HR科技方案。憑藉豐富的經驗,施特偉已成功為譚仔施完善的新管理方案,以配合其迅速的業務發展步伐。施特偉將在未來的日子繼續專注發展人力資源相關的科技,以配合各行各業的業務發展,而當中API開發的技術更可按客戶不同需要,與客戶其他現有的第三方系統銜接,進一步提升人力資源管理效率。如欲了解更多關於施特偉的最新科技方案,歡迎致電(852) 2111-7111或電郵至 enquiry@cityray.com與我們的專業顧問團隊聯絡。