Phoenix Television upgrades their Cityray’s Employee Self-Service management system

Phoenix Television is a Hong Kong-listed media organization and headquartered in Hong Kong. The Phoenix Television’s sister channels include: 

  • Phoenix Chinese News and Entertainment Channel, 
  • Phoenix InfoNews Channel, 
  • Phoenix CNE Channel, 
  • Phoenix North America Chinese Channel,  
  • Phoenix Movies Channel, and  
  • Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, 

have achieved global coverage, with 60 reporter stations around the world, production teams covering the five continents, and with the current employee number exceeding 2500 people, showing that Phoenix Television has been practising its slogan “Closing the distance between Chinese people around the world, and expressing Chinese voices to the world.” 


As early as 2000, Phoenix Television had cooperated with Cityray and adopted the core module of HRPLUS® and the Employee Self-Service (ESS) system as its human resource technology management solution. Since the daily operation of Phoenix Television involves many different departments and types of work, which causes human resource management with a relatively complicated structure. Cityray’s system solution precisely meets its fine management needs. Therefore, the two parties have maintained an ongoing relationship for the past 20 years. 

In the second quarter of 2019, Phoenix Television and Cityray joined hands to innovate and enhance the existing functions in the Employee Self-Service system (ESS), including upgrading the e-Leave management module. The upgraded e-Leave management module will provide employees with an easy leave application and leave balance query and allow each supervisor to manage their team’s leave. For instance, approving leave applications and learning the leave status of their subordinates to assist them in the deployment of the workforce. In addition, this upgrade also adds an e-Document function, allowing employees to self-check their monthly and past payslips and annual tax returns, which significantly enhances the efficiency of human resources management. 


For more than 30 years, Cityray’s HR-Tech solutions, HRPLUS (client-server model) and iHRPLUS (Internet version) have provided services to more than 2,000 Chinese, Hong Kong and multinational companies. Cityray provides professional human resource management technology solutions to cooperate with customers’ business development. With rich experience and dedicated service, Cityray will be able to successfully implement the system upgrade plan (mentioned above) for Phoenix Television and be a tower of strength to their global business development.  

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早於2000年,鳳凰衛視已和施特偉合作,採用HRPLUS® 的核心模組,以及員工自助系統作為其人力資源科技管理方案。由於鳳凰衛視的恆常運作涉及很多不同的部門及工種,在人力資源管理結構相對複雜,而施特偉的系統方案正正能貼合其精細的管理需求,故此雙方在這20年一直合作無間。於2019年第二季,鳳凰衛視與施特偉再携手創新,提升現有的員工自助服務系統(ESS)的功能,包括升級電子休假管理模組,讓員工能更方便地申請休假、查詢休假結餘,以及讓各主管管理團隊的休假,如批刻申請及掌握部門下屬的休假情況,以協助其調配人手。此外是次升級亦加入了電子文件功能,以便員工能自助查閱即月及過去的糧單及年度報稅表格,大幅加強人力資源管理效能。


三十多年以來,施特偉的方案HRPLUS (客戶端/伺服器架構) 以及iHRPLUS (互聯網版) 為超過2000家的中港及跨國企業提供服務,以專業的人力資源管理科技方案配合客戶們的業務發展。憑藉豐富的經驗及用心專注的服務,施特偉定能為鳳凰衛視成功實施這次系統升級方案,為其全球業務發展作後盾。如欲了解更多關於施特偉的最新科技方案,歡迎致電(852) 2111 7111或電郵至 enquiry@cityray.com與我們的專業顧問團隊聯絡。