Cityray Achieves ISO 27001:2022 Certification for Information Security Management System

Delivering Robust and Reliable Cloud Application Services to Customers

After a year of preparation, Cityray is proud to announce that it has successfully obtained ISO 27001:2022 certification for its Information Security Management System (ISMS), establishing a solid foundation for its cloud application services.

With the rapid development of the global digital environment, businesses have significantly increased their focus on data security, making the security of cloud technology applications an essential requirement. The level of requirements for cloud service providers in terms of product and management systems has substantially escalated. Suppliers with international certifications are more trusted by customers. Cityray’s achievement of ISO 27001:2022 certification demonstrates our commitment to protecting customers’ information assets. Under the framework of ISO 27001:2022, which sets the standards for ISMS, all processes in our business operations and customer data handling procedures are continuously monitored, audited, and aligned with the standards to ensure the security of customer data.

Furthermore, certification from a reputable testing organization holds significant reference value. Cityray engaged BSI (British Standards Institution), a globally renowned standardization and certification body, to conduct the audit. With their expertise, rigor, and impartiality, BSI conducted a thorough review of Cityray’s cloud application services. Successfully obtaining BSI’s certification fully demonstrates Cityray’s high level of information security management and rigorous safeguards for customers’ enterprise data.

ISO 27001:2022 certification applies to Cityray’s two major cloud application service platforms: SaaSHRPLUS, a cloud-based human resources management system, and Cityray Analytics Platform, providing customers with cost-effective HR management solutions and data visualization capabilities. For more information, please contact our consulting team at 21117111 or email us at

At Cityray, we are committed to delivering secure and reliable cloud application services to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our ISO 27001:2022 certification underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of information security.





此外,一家有公信力的檢測機構對所頒發的ISO27001:2022資格具有一定的參考價值。施特偉委託全球知名的標準化機構和認證機構BSI(British Standards Institution)進行審核,以其專業知識、嚴謹性和公正性,為施特偉雲端應用服務作最嚴謹認真的審查。施特偉成功通過獲得BSI的認證,充分證明了施特偉在資訊安全管理方面的高水平,為客戶的企業資料嚴格把關。


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