Transformative Collaboration: Elevating HR Capabilities & enhancing human capital

New Century Group, established in 1970, is a diversified enterprise group based in Hong Kong. With extensive business investments in real estate, hotels, retail, infrastructure, and finance, the group has established a strong presence in various sectors. 

Celebrating 15 years of collaboration, Cityray and New Century Group have achieved significant milestones together. In 2023, New Century Group upgrade their existing human resources system to iHRPLUS® EVO 6, enabling them to handle the growing demands of their workforce. Alongside this system upgrade, enhancements were made to the ESS employee self-service eLeave system and the incorporation of eAttendance functionality, empowering employees to independently manage and access their personal matters, strengthening human capital. 

This year, Cityray successfully developed the Cityray Analytics Platform (CAP), facilitating effortless generation of multiple reports and visualizing data to grasp real-time operational insights, enabling precise decision-making for businesses. 

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施特偉與新世紀集團合作十五載,去年決定把現有的人力資源系統升級至 iHRPLUS® EVO 6,以便處理龐大的人力需求。為更妥善應對業務發展,同時亦升級了ESS員工自助系統eLeave及加入eAttendance功能,讓員工能夠自主管理和查詢個人相關事務,強化人力資本。 

除了iHRPLUS® EVO 6之外,今年施特偉更成功研發出施特偉數據分析平台,幫助企業輕鬆生成多個報表,讓數據可視化,掌握企業運作實況,做出精準的決策。 



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