Marugame Seimen achieves excellent human resources management

Marugame Seimen is a chain of Japanese noodle restaurants renowned for its unique noodle-making techniques and high-quality ingredients. In 2017, Marugame Seimen’s parent company acquired Hong Kong’s TamJai Yunnan Rice Noodle and TamJai SamGor Mixian, both of which are also clients of Cityray. 

Following TamJai International, Marugame Seimen also chose to implement Cityray’s iHRPLUS® EVO 6 human resources management system to handle their daily employee data, payroll, and benefits management. After several consultations, the Cityray team understood Marugame Seimen’s management needs and provided tailored solutions to ensure the system meets their business requirements. 

In a highly competitive business environment, human resources management is crucial for a company’s success. As an expert in human resources management systems, Cityray is committed to delivering efficient and stable solutions to strengthen human capital. 


丸龜製麵(Marugame Seimen)是一家連鎖日式麵食店,以其獨特的麵條製作方式和高品質的食材享譽盛名。丸龜製麵的母公司在2017 年收購了香港譚仔雲南米線及譚仔三哥米線,這兩家米線店也是施特偉的客戶之一 


丸龜製麵繼譚仔國際後亦選擇實施施特偉的人力資源管理系統 iHRPLUS® EVO 6 ,以幫助他們處理日常的員工資料、薪資和福利管理等。經過數次的協商後,施特偉團隊得悉丸龜製麵的管理需求,再提供量身定制的解決方案,確保系統符合客戶的業務需求。 



About the author: Niki NG