“Happy Schools Campaign” – a Resounding Success! Cityray as Technical Partner, Collaborating for Happy Education in Hong Kong

The Chief Happiness Officer Association successfully held the ” Happy School Campaign ” for the 2023-24 academic year on March 20th. Cityray was invited to attend as a technical partner. The ceremony honoured several kindergartens/ primary/secondary schools in Hong Kong, presenting awards and special recognition, acknowledging them as exemplary representatives of creating joyful campuses and making outstanding contributions to enhancing learning quality for the next generation.

Mary Suen, the Founder and CEO of the Chief Happiness Officer Association, mentioned in her welcome speech that the association is dedicated to promoting the cultural transformation of happiness in enterprises. Through the “Happy School Campaign” they aim to enhance the happiness index within schools. This year, Cityray had the privilege of participating in this grand event as a technical partner. Leveraging our newly developed data analytics platform, Cityray Analytics Platform (CAP), we assisted the Chief Happiness Officer Association in collecting and analysing questionnaire data from multiple schools, contributing our utmost efforts to realizing the concept of caring campuses.

Cityray has always adhered to the principle of “enhancing human capital” to build a happy workplace. We strive to create a joyful and sustainable enterprise where employees can experience happiness in a passionate and vibrant work environment. Cityray firmly believes that happy employees not only bring value to the company but also enable customers and families to experience a more pleasant sense of life value!



首席快樂官協會創始人兼執行主席孫美妮女士致歡迎辭時提到,協會致力於推動企業快樂文化轉型,透過「開心校園獎勵計劃」提升學校內的幸福指數。今年施特偉有幸以技術伙伴的身份參與這項盛事,利用新研發的數據分析平台Cityray Analytics Platform (CAP),協助快樂官協會收集多間學校的問卷調查數據進行分析,為實現關愛校園的理念略盡綿力。

施特偉一直秉持“強化人力資本” 的宗旨建構快樂工作間,努力期望打造一個快樂﹑可持續成長的企業,讓員工在這個充滿熱誠和活力的職場環境中感受到幸福。施特偉深信快樂的員工不僅能為公司帶來價值,還能讓客戶及家人感受到更愉悅的生命價值!

About the author: Niki NG