Powering Success in Logistics: SaaSHRPLUS promotes efficiency of HR management

Sagawa Express (Hong Kong) Limited, is a renowned Japanese logistics company offering services in international freight, express delivery, warehousing, and supply chain management. For over 20 years, Sagawa Express (Hong Kong) has been utilizing Cityray’s human resources management system, Cityray, to assist their HR department in handling the daily workload of HR management. In early 2023, Cityray upgraded the system for Sagawa Express (Hong Kong) and successfully implemented a cloud-based human resources management system called SaaSHRPLUS. This upgrade enables Sagawa Express (Hong Kong) to efficiently manage employee information, payroll, leave, training, and organizational development, allowing them to easily grasp the dynamics of their human resources and make informed decisions.

We aspire for SaaSHRPLUS to become your HR partner as well, as we join hands in pursuing a successful future together!


佐川急便(香港)有限公司 Sagawa是一家著名的日本物流企業,業務包括國際貨運、快遞服務、倉儲和供應鏈管理。佐川急便(香港)採用施特偉的人力資源管理系統逾20年,輔佐HR處理每日繁重的人力資源管理工作。在2023年初,施特偉更為佐川急便(香港)升級系統,成功實施雲端人力資源管理系統——SaaSHRPLUS,讓佐川急便(香港)能夠更高效地管理員工信息、薪酬、假期、培訓和組織發展,輕鬆掌握人力資源的動態,做出明智的決策。


About the author: Niki NG