Enhancing human capital by incubating new generation of HR

This year, Cityray has been invited to serve as guest lecturers in the tertiary education colleague, providing students with more professional knowledge about human resource management systems. Cityray Team will share the daily work of HR professionals with aspiring HR practitioners and teach them how to leverage HR systems to enhance work efficiency. This knowledge and skill set will play a crucial role in students’ future careers.

Cityray places great emphasis on enhancing human capital and utilizes technology to streamline processes in various aspects such as recruitment, training, performance management, compensation and benefits, and compliance. Cityray team focus on introducing the application of HR systems to improve the efficiency of HR processes, enabling students to gain early exposure to the system’s usage and the daily work of HR professionals.

Cityray Team hopes that students can apply their learning through study and practice in their HR management work, actively participate in industry development, embrace challenges, and pave the way for successful careers. The team is committed to imparting more knowledge and skills, leveraging their expertise to make students more competitive and achieve greater success in the field of human resources.

The Cityray Team is honored to be invited as guest lecturers and will continue to contribute to the advancement and education of the HR profession. We believe that through such exchanges and sharing, valuable learning opportunities can be provided to students, helping them become outstanding HR management experts.





About the author: Niki NG