Unveiling the Path to Sustainable Human Resource Development: Insights from the HRCC Seminar 2023 Q3

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all attendees for their presence at the HRCC Seminar held on August 25th. It was a remarkable occasion as we gathered for the first time after the pandemic to explore the impact of social issues on employers and the utilization of human resources. Through the utilization of our existing tools, we were able to accurately calculate the operational costs and expenditures post-restructuring, enabling everyone to gain a deeper understanding of the new processes and make early preparations to achieve sustainable human resource development.

Looking ahead, we welcome all of you join us, fostering an environment where we can collectively share the opportunities and challenges faced across various industries. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all participants and eagerly anticipate even more exciting collaborations in the future!

感謝各位在風雨中出席8月25日舉行的HRCC小組研討會 — 取消強積金對沖與人力資源可持續發展。這是疫情過後我們首次共聚一堂,探討社會議題對僱主和人力資源運用的影響。利用現有工具,實際計算出改制後的營運成本和支出,讓大家對轉變後的操作有更深入了解,並提早做好準備,實現人力資源可持續發展。展望未來能有更多會員加入,一同分享各行業所面臨的機遇和挑戰。謝謝大家的參與,期待未來的合作更精彩!

About the author: Niki NG