Sharing session of the “Stand By Me” talent incubation program

Honored to be invited by the Hong Kong Children and Youth Services (HKCYS) to attend the first-year sharing session of the “Stand By Me” talent incubation program and to share my own career development journey. This program runs for three years per session and is currently in its seventh session. It pairs each young person with an adult mentor to establish a life mentorship relationship. Another unique feature of the program is that the mentees are required to set monthly savings goals, such as $200 per month. After two years, they will have saved $4,800, which will be matched by the government and the organization, resulting in a total of $14,400 given to the mentees upon completion of the program for further education. Through the care of mentors, not only do the mentees establish a correct life perspective, but they also develop a good financial outlook, which is very meaningful!

很榮幸受香港青少年服務處HKCYS邀請出席伴我創teen才培育計劃 第一年分享會,分享自己的事業發展歷程。此計劃每屆為期三年,至今來到等七屆,為青少年導生配對一名成年人為師友,建立人生導師關係。計劃還有一個特色,就是導生須要訂立每月儲蓄目標,如每月$200,兩年自己儲蓄$4,800,加上政府及機構均再資助同等金額,合共$14,400將給與導生結業後所得的金額,作為進修之用。透過師友的關心,除了讓導生在生命中建立正確人生觀外,還培養良好的理財觀,甚具意義!

自2014年,Cityray Technology 與香港青少年服務處合作,為年青人發展合作不同項目如中學生實習、生涯規劃分享等,為社會培育更多新力軍,Enhancing Human Capital!

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