Onward to a Brighter Future, Cityray awarded the Partner Employer Award for the 3rd Consecutive Year

Wrote by Chester Chiu

The development of young minds and underprivileged groups in society has always been a priority for us. Here, at Cityray we believe that a prosperous Hong Kong is an inclusive Hong Kong. Hence, Cityray is once again proud to announce our awarding of the annual Partner Employer Award organised by the Hong Kong Chamber of Small and Medium Businesses (HKGCSMB).

First introduced in 2010, this award exists to recognize various companies for their efforts to provide job opportunities as well as internships to students, the disabled, retirees, ethnic minorities, the retrained and rehabilitated persons. Cityray not only desires to give back to the community, but also values the opportunity to provide for the next generation as well as the vulnerable.

Cityray has managed to yet again pass the stringent requirements for this award set by HKGCSMB.  This award is achieved by offering positions to university students and other marginalized groups. Cityray truly believes that the future of the enterprise lies in the continued development and upskilling of the younger generation and the vulnerable. We will continue to dedicate time and resources to do so.



由 Chester Chiu 撰寫


該獎項於 2010 年首次推出,旨在表彰企業在為學生、傷健人士、退休人土、少數族裔、再培訓及更生人士提供就業和實習機會方面的付出。 施特偉不僅致力回饋社區,也重視為下一代及弱勢社群提供發展機會。


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