HRCC 2023Q4 – How HR data contributes to your ESG reporting.

Last Friday (11th October), Cityray hosted a workshop “How HR data contributes to your ESG reporting.” The workshop aimed to engage HRCC members in discussions on leveraging existing data and utilizing platform-based tools to transform it into the necessary data for ESG reporting. When it comes to producing ESG reports, HR colleagues in listed companies often find themselves in a passive role, having to allocate time from their already demanding daily tasks to organize data and provide HR information for ESG consultants or relevant personnel to draft the reports. Through this workshop, members had the opportunity to discuss the challenges faced in implementing ESG practices, share information, and collectively brainstorm solutions. Additionally, they gained valuable insights into Cityray’s innovative product, the Cityray Analytics Platform (CAP), and how it extracts relevant data to generate reports of different categories and purposes. CAP not only saves a significant amount of time in data aggregation but also greatly enhances data reliability. To learn more about how CAP can empower you to flexibly utilize data visualization, please feel free to contact us at

About the author: Niki NG