How can SMEs incorporate ESG practices into their business operations?

Lawrence Szeto, Director of Cityray, delivered a compelling presentation during the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) T-BOX workshop, shedding light on HRM tactics and showing how SMEs can achieve success in sustainability. By embracing HR practices, the management of SMEs has the power to establish a sustainable and positive impact on the organization in terms of talent retention and business growth.

董事司徒敬文先生在香港貿易發展局 (HKTDC) T-BOX 研討會上發表了題為人力資源及可持續發展的演講,分享中小企如何實踐人力資源管理策略,從而在可持續發展方面取得成功。 通過有效的人力資源管理與實踐,讓施特偉的在人才保留和業務增長方面都取得正面的成果。

About the author: Niki NG