Cityray awarded with 2021 Partner Employer Award

The annual Partner Employer Award is organised by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business. It aims to applaud enterprises which actively offers internships to students and career opportunities to the disabled, re-trained person, rehabilitated person, ethnic minorities, retirees, and holders of qualifications recognized under the Qualifications Framework. The purpose is to cultivate employees’ positive work attitude and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace, which conveys the message that Hong Kong enterprises truly care for the vulnerable groups and fulfil corporate social responsibility, and promotes the spirit of building an inclusive and harmonious society. Enterprises not only can give back to society but also enhance their corporate image through the program and attract more new hard-working forces to join, which are beneficial to the enterprise’s sustainable development.

Cityray has passed the professional review of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and is honoured to award with 2021 Partner Employer Award. In order to achieve the Award, Cityray has made contributions to recruiting local university interns or vulnerable groups. For example, in July 2021, Cityray held a summer internship program with Hong Kong Children & Youth Services (HKCYS) for secondary school students to experience working in the IT industry and shared interview tips to help the students with their future employment.

Cityray takes “Enhancing your Human Capital” as its vision and along with its passion for the IT industry and the promotion of talent development, it implements various activities to fulfil corporate social responsibility, establishes cross-sector cooperation, and provides industry experience, work internships and employment opportunities with Cityray’s business partners, in hope to create a path for young people and vulnerable people so that participants can become social contributors in the future, and improve the productivity and competitiveness of individuals and enterprises.

施特偉(Cityray) 喜獲2021「友商有良」嘉許企業之名銜。


施特偉(Cityray)通過總商會專業評審,獲頒2021「友商有良」嘉許企業之名銜及標誌。我們在聘用本地大學實習生或弱勢人士方面作出貢獻,如在2021年7月, 施特偉與香港青少服務處舉辦的暑假實習, 讓中學生體驗IT行業的實務工作, 及分享面試技巧, 助他們將來發展,在面試時有更出色的表現。

施特偉以Enhancing your Human Capital「強化人力資本」為願景,並本著對IT行業及推動人才發展的熱情,實踐各種履行企業社會責任的活動,建立誇界別合作,企業伙伴同行,提供行業體驗及工作實習、就業機會,盼為青少年及弱勢人士創出路,使参加者日後變成社會貢獻者,並提高個人及企業的生產力及競爭力,「友商有良」,為香港造福人群出一分力!

About the author: Hana Chan