Cityray awarded with 2021 Caring Community Awards from Hong Kong Children & Youth Services

Hong Kong Children & Youth Services (HKCYS) is one of the most famous NGOs in Hong Kong which provides variety of social service including Integrate Family Services, District Youth Outreaching Social Work Service, Clinical Psychological Service and more. It aims to create a favourable environment where young persons and their family members can develop their potential and realize their goals contributing to a harmonious society.

The Hong Kong government has been actively promoting Life Planning education since 2014, covering three main elements, self-recognition and development, career exploration and career planning and management. The Hong Kong government has set up support for schools to implement Life Planning education to better equip students, which allows them to fully seize future opportunities according to their interests, abilities and inclinations.

The policy aligns with Cityray’s vision of “Enhancing your Human Capital”, which leads to the cooperation with Hong Kong Children & Youth Services since 2015, providing summer internships for students. The summer internship aims to cultivate new generations, provide training for those who are interested and demonstrate their passion for the IT industry in order to develop their career plans in the future. Through this, Cityray is honoured to award with 2021 Caring Community Awards from Hong Kong Children & Youth Services.

Cityray is grateful to receive the Award, proof that the internship program is being recognized and aids students with their career development. With this, Cityray will continue to provide more opportunities for students to explore the IT industry and look forward to supporting the talent development in Hong Kong.




此政策正與施特偉的願景「強化人力資本」一致,促使我們自2015年起與香港青少年服務處合作,為學生提供暑期實習機會。其實習宗旨為培養新一代,為有興趣的人授供培訓,展示他們對IT 行業的熱情,以便在未來製定他們的職業規劃。藉此,施特偉榮獲香港青少年服務處頒發的「2021關懷社區獎」。

施特偉Cityray榮幸獲得獎項,證明該實習計劃獲認可,並有助於學生及青少年生涯規劃中的職業發展。藉此,施特偉將繼續為學生提供更多探索IT 行業的機會,並期待更多支持香港的人才發展。

About the author: Hana Chan