Cityray and Stargazing Camp for all and the Blind – Promoting Inclusive Society Together

The “Stargazing Camp for all and the Blind” was established in 2010, with its organizing committee composed of volunteers from various commercial organizations, non-profit organizations, schools, and government departments in Hong Kong, as well as volunteer teams and disability groups. The camp focuses on stargazing and sunrise viewing, providing various assistive stargazing tools such as tactile star charts, embossed lunar surface maps, modified equipment, and custom-made telescopes. With the assistance and descriptions provided by volunteers, including able-bodied individuals, people with different physical impairments can learn about astronomical phenomena. Stargazing Camp for and the Blind, jointly organized by individuals with and without disabilities, has now reached its twelfth edition and has attracted the participation of diverse individuals, including those with hearing impairments, intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, business professionals, and social welfare organizations.

This year, Cityray had the privilege of becoming one of the partners of the Stargazing Camp for all and the Blind. Cityray Volunteer Team joined forces with individuals with disabilities and other volunteers to not only enjoy the wonders of nature but also take charge of organizing booth games, creating a joyful atmosphere together. As a human resources management solutions company, Cityray has always been committed to enhancing the value of human capital and striving to establish a fairer and more inclusive social environment. We firmly believe that every individual, regardless of their background, abilities, or physical condition, should be treated equally. By participating in the Stargazing Camp for and all the Blind, we hope to further promote a social culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), and demonstrate our commitment and aspirations for community activities, while exemplifying Cityray’s core values.

Cityray welcomes all business partners and clients to join us in organizing more community care activities!





About the author: Niki NG