An Insightful Talent Matching Tool Introduction Workshop by Generation X CLAP@JC

Are you struggling to find the perfect candidate? Are you looking for a talent matching tool targeted at young people?” If you have the above questions in your mind, this webinar you should not miss. 

Cityray HRCC invited Generation and CLAP@JC to introduce useful tools, CV360® & VASK model, for recruiters to evaluate the candidates and set your criteria of job vacancy. In this webinar, you can : 

  • Learn about the CSV and CSR of talent matching under CLAP@JC 
  • Know more about the HR tool CV360® and VASK and its’ application 
  • Link up with the pool of CV360® featured work ready talents of Generation and NGO partners 

Date : 29th April 2022
Time : 2:30pm – 4:00pm 

The workshop will provide solutions to your talent matching challenges, and introduce a new talent matching tool for you to choose from. If you have not registered yet, please take the opportunity to register. The agenda of the day as follows: 

  • Introduction of CLAP@JC’s aim and objective and CV360® 
  • Introduction of Generation 
  • A glimpse of CV360® and VASK through activities 
  • Usage of CV360® and VASK for employers 
  • User experience sharing on CV360® from employers and graduates 
  • Introduction of Generation X CLAP@JC programme 
  • Further information on CV360® 
  • Linking up with talents with CV360® under Generation X CLAP@JC and other NGOs 

Register now by filling in the Microsoft form with the link below. A Zoom link will be sent to you a week before the event.

For more information on CLAP@JC and CV360®, please visit 

Generation 及「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」為你帶來精髓的人才匹配工具簡介研討會 


施特偉 HRCC邀請 Generation 及「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」介紹有用的工具,CV360® VASK 模型,供招聘人員評估候選人並設定你的職位空缺標準。在此網上研討會中,你可以: 

  • 了解「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」下人才匹配所創造的共享價及企業社會責任 
  • 了解人力資源工具 CV360® VASK以及其特點 
  • 與 Generation 及非政府組織合作夥伴具有 CV360® 特質和已準備好投入工作的人才建立聯繫,在人才庫中尋找合適的人才 


時間:下午 2:30 4:00 


  • 介紹「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」的宗旨和目標及 CV360® 
  • 介紹 Generation 
  • 通過活動感受 CV360® VASK 
  • CV360® VASK 能為雇主帶來的用途 
  • 雇主及畢業生的 CV360® 用戶體驗分享 
  • 介紹 Generation X「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」計劃 
  • 有關 CV360® 的更多資訊 
  • 與Generation X「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」及其他非政府組織使用 CV360®的人才建立聯繫 


欲了解更多「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」及 CV360® 資訊,請瀏覽

About the author: Hana Chan