A Successful Launch of an Eye-opening Talent Matching Tools Webinar with Generation and CLAP@JC

A successful launch to HRConnect Community’s first event of the year, with our co-host Generation and CLAP@JC. The webinar “Widening the Talent Matching Lens Through with CV360®” gave an innovative way of CV writing and also a talent matching tools, CV360® & VASK Model which help showcase youth talents from their daily experiences.  

A big thank you to Brian Cheng and Karuna Tsang from Generation, and Gary Au from CLAP@JC for their insightful presentation about the useful tools, CV360® and VASK Model for talent matching, and the Generation X CLAP@JC program to assist in youth’s career and life development.  

Our guest, Yufie Cheng (YouFind), shared her experience of hiring youth graduates from Generation X CLAP@JC program, it is well proven that the tools are useful and help the employer in acquiring suitable candidates. It is believed that our HR participants could see some insights into how these tools assist them in the hiring process.  

HRConnect Community is looking forward to organizing more exciting HR events for our HR members in the near future. 

與 Generation 和「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」成功舉辦令人大開眼界的人才匹配工具網絡研討會 
HRConnect Community今年的第一場活動與我們的共同主辦方 Generation 和「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」一起成功推出。網絡研討會“透過CV360®擴展人才匹配視野”提供了一種創新的履歷寫作方式以及人才匹配工具 CV360® 和 VASK 模型,幫助展示青少年從日常經驗所得的才能。
非常感謝 Generation 的 Brian Cheng 和 Karuna Tsang 以及「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」的 Gary Au 對人才匹配的有用工具、CV360® 和 VASK 模型以及幫助青年人事業和生活的發展進行詳細的介绍。
與嘉賓 Yufie Cheng (YouFind) 分享了她招聘 Generation X「賽馬會鼓掌 · 創你程計劃」項目畢業生的經驗,事實證明這些工具很有用,可以幫助僱主找到合適的人選。相信我們的HR參與者可​​以看到一些關於這些工具如何幫助他們進行招聘過程的見解。
HRConnect Community期待在不久的將來為我們的 HR 成員組織更多精彩的 HR 活動。

About the author: Hana Chan