A Fruitful Collaboration Webinar on Well-being with Hays and Total Loyalty Company

Well-being is an important issue for corporates for a long time and is hyped during the pandemic. On 22nd March 2022, Cityray Technology is grateful to co-organize a HR Thought Leadership Series webinar with Hays and Total Loyalty Company on the topic of Corporate and Employee Wellness. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Michelle McQuaid (MAPP) shared an insightful speech on “The surprising truth of Well-being”. In the speech, she shared 4 key points of well-being.
  • Both your levels of thriving and struggles shape your well-being.
  • Our well-being ebbs and flows, so our goal is not a constant improvement, but becoming more intelligent and active stewards in shaping our well-being.
  • Well-being is multi-dimensional, there is no single strategy that fits all.
  • Well-being is not an individual matter; it is a group matter.
After the speech, our 5 HR leaders from different industry background shared their inspiring thoughts and experience on well-being. Here are the main messages from each panellist.
  • Lawrence Szeto from Cityray Technology pointed out that different well-being delivery methods are needed for different culture groups.
  • Sam Lau from Total Loyalty Company said a corporate should not treat wellness program as return on investment, but as return on value.
  • Andy Luk from Informa Markets stated that a wellness program is not a pain killer, but an ongoing process.
  • Danielle Jacobs from The Wellbeing Lab expressed that a corporate should not neglect to offer spaces for employees to express their negative emotions when implementing a wellness program.
  • John H Lee from Standard Chartered Bank shared that well-being is not a stand-alone pillar.
Last but not least, thanks to Sue Wei from Hays moderated the panel discussion and brought fruitful insights to the audience.
We look forward to seeing you at the next HR Thought Leadership Event.

About the author: Hana Chan