Hays 4DWW webinar

4-Day Work Week: An Overwhelmingly Positive Response?

On 20th September 2022, Cityray co-organised the 3rd webinar of the “HR Thought Leadership Series” along with Hays and TLC on the benefits and drawbacks of a compressed work week. Our keynote speakers Lauren Huntington (EX Solutions Strategist, Qualtrics) and Alex Pang (Global Programs Director, 4 Day Week) both shed some much-needed light on the results of compressed work week trial runs. “The 4-day work week is already here…” Alex said. He explains that much of our time in an average work week is often wasted on poorly run meetings, various distractions and technical issues.

Lauren reveals that after the implementation of the compressed work week, employees have expressed that they have felt happier and have reported to be more able to keep up with work. In addition, the compressed work week also forces companies to make better use their time.

The general sentiment around this movement is that it allows employees more flexibility. Although many are satisfied with the 4-day work week, it is not without its limitations. Employees that work overseas, or in isolated locations may not be able to abide by the same policies. It is suggested that the 4-day work week shouldn’t be ridged and should suit individuals as needed. In addition, Paul also mentioned that sufficient tools must be needed to keep track of  KPIs for strategy adjustment, Cityray has the tools to do so.

And lastly, thank you Alex and Lauren for your idea sparking keynotes and the interesting panel discussion brought by Sam Lau, Roderick Chow and Paul Fraley. Also, thank you Shannagh Wu for hosting such eye-opening webinar.

About the author: Hana Chan