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Casual Labour Management System – CASOPLUS supports casual workers management, various settlement periods, and integrates with other 3rd party systems via APIs.

Casual Labour Management System – CASOPLUS

Cityray Casual Labour Management System – CASOPLUS handles complicated and highly flexible needs of managing casual labours, making the management process more efficient with less effort. 

What is casual Labour Management System

Casual labour, also known as freelancers or slashers, has emerged as a prominent trend in the labour market, challenging traditional employment customs and adapting to the ever-changing economy. While many perceive the Casual Labour Management System as solely focused on managing casual workers, its scope and capabilities extend far beyond that.


For organizations heavily reliant on a sizable casual labour workforce, Cityray offers the ideal solution to address your unique challenges. Our CASOPLUS Casual Labour Management System, specializing in casual workers management, is specifically designed to handle the complexities and high flexibility associated with managing casual labour. By streamlining the management process with minimal effort, CASOPLUS empowers managers to exercise better control over the extended workforce, ensuring efficient crowd management during peak hours through flexible allocation of casual workers. With our system, you can effectively track the work commitments of each employee, mitigating scheduling mishaps such as double-shift assignments at different locations.


One of the key benefits of adopting our Casual Labour Management System, focusing on casual workers management, is achieving a fair distribution of work hours among your employees. As supervisors gain proficiency in allocating manpower across various outlets, employees will experience greater equality in work hour distribution. This not only promotes a sense of fairness within the organization but also contributes to improved employee engagement. Additionally, the system enables the easy mobilization and deployment of casual labour to support other outlets during high-demand periods, further enhancing workforce flexibility.


Efficient workforce planning is vital for organizations, and CASOPLUS provides managers with a convenient tool for effective casual workers management and optimizing this process. With our system, managers can easily identify outlets that require additional manpower and recognize underutilized workers who can be assigned more hours accordingly. This level of visibility and control ensures that your workforce, especially casual workers, is effectively managed, leading to improved productivity and operational efficiency.


Scheduling errors can have a significant impact on business operations, but with our Casual Labour Management System, dedicated to casual workers management, you can minimize such risks. The system reduces the likelihood of errors stemming from manual scheduling processes, ensuring accurate and reliable scheduling of casual labour. By accurately tracking the working hours of each casual labour across all outlets, the system simplifies payment procedures, facilitating timely and accurate remuneration. This not only saves administrative time but also contributes to improved employee satisfaction and morale.


Compliance with labour regulations is essential for organizations, and CASOPLUS provides the necessary tools to ensure adherence, specifically in the area of casual workers management. Our system helps you stay updated with changing labour laws, enabling you to manage your casual labour workforce in compliance with legal requirements. From work permits to health and safety regulations, CASOPLUS ensures that your organization remains compliant, minimizing potential risks and penalties.

Engaging casual labour offers numerous benefits, including enhanced workforce flexibility, reduced paperwork related to payroll, and decreased administrative workload. However, without proper budgetary planning, casual labour costs can escalate within organizations. With CASOPLUS, specializing in casual workers management, you gain better visibility and control over the costs associated with casual labour, enabling effective budgeting and cost management.


In addition to our comprehensive Casual Labour Management System, Cityray offers a range of other components within our comprehensive HR system, including Time Attendance Management, Timesheet Management, Talent Management, Workforce Management, and HR Payroll Software. These components seamlessly integrate with the Casual Labour Management System, focusing on casual workers management, providing you with a unified and comprehensive solution for all your HR needs.


Our Casual Employee Management module, based on industry best practices followed by successful leaders, is a highly efficient and reliable software that allows for the customization of policies to cater to the entire lifecycle management of your contract labour workforce. This indispensable component streamlines processes related to contract labour requests, scheduling, and even accounting, resulting in significant time savings and improved efficiency during contract labour management.


In conclusion, the benefits of adopting our Casual Labour Management System, with its primary focus on casual workers management, are numerous and far-reaching. From efficient workforce planning and fair distribution of work hours to compliance management and cost control, our system equips your organization with the necessary tools to effectively manage your casual labour workforce. By embracing the advantages of casual labour while minimizing associated challenges, you can drive productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and achieve better outcomes for your organization. Partner with Cityray and experience the transformative power of our CASOPLUS Casual Labour Management System, specialized in casual workers management, for your business.

Casual Labour Management Features

Introducing our comprehensive Casual Labour Management System, a cutting-edge solution specifically designed to meet the unique needs of organizations in Malaysia and Singapore. Our advanced platform offers an array of features that will streamline and optimize your casual labour management processes. Let’s delve into the key features in more detail:

Project & Budget Set Up: 

With our system, you can efficiently set up projects and budgets, allowing you to allocate resources accurately and monitor expenses effectively. This feature ensures precise cost control and empowers you to plan your casual labour requirements strategically.

Check In / Out Management: 

Seamlessly track the attendance of your casual labour workforce with our system’s intuitive check-in and check-out process. Leveraging advanced technology, it simplifies attendance monitoring, maintains accurate records of working hours, and promotes individual accountability. This functionality also facilitates seamless payroll management, ensuring accurate compensation for hours worked.

Post Requisition & Approval: 

Simplify and streamline the process of requesting casual labour through our user-friendly platform. Posting requisitions specifying required skills, dates, and shifts becomes effortless. Our system streamlines the approval workflow, expediting the recruitment process and ensuring timely access to the casual labour resources you need.

Working Duration Management: 

Effortlessly manage and monitor the working duration of your casual labour employees with our system’s comprehensive tools. Easily track their actual hours worked, breaks taken, and overtime hours. This functionality allows you to optimize their schedules, improve productivity, and ensure compliance with labour regulations.

Payroll & Benefits Settlement: 

Our system simplifies and automates the payroll processing and benefits settlement for your casual labour workforce. Accurate calculations based on their working hours ensure timely and error-free payments. Moreover, you can effortlessly administer benefits such as leave entitlements and statutory contributions, ensuring compliance and fostering employee satisfaction.

Compliance Management: 

Stay compliant with ease by leveraging our system’s robust compliance management features. Stay up-to-date with changing labour laws and regulations, including work permits, health and safety requirements, and other legal obligations. Our platform keeps you informed and minimizes potential risks associated with non-compliance.

In summary, our Casual Labour Management System offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline and optimize your casual labour management processes. From efficient project and budget set up to simplified check-in/out procedures, seamless requisition approval, precise working duration management, automated payroll processing, and robust compliance management, our system empowers you to effectively manage your casual labour workforce, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and enhanced productivity.

Casual Workers management benefit

With our Casual Workers Management, you can enhance operational efficiency, improve workforce productivity, and ensure seamless compliance. Experience the benefits of streamlined processes, accurate data management, and effective resource allocation. Let our solution take care of your casual labour management needs, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives. Contact us today to learn more and explore how our system can transform your casual labour management practices.

Cityray’s Casual Labour Management System – CASOPLUS

CASOPLUS goes beyond providing comprehensive casual workers management capabilities. Our system offers the flexibility to support various pay settlement periods, allowing you to align with your organization’s specific payroll cycles. Whether you have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or custom pay periods, CASOPLUS can accommodate your needs seamlessly.


Furthermore, CASOPLUS offers integration capabilities with other third-party systems through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This integration empowers you to connect CASOPLUS with your existing HR or payroll systems, ensuring smooth data flow and eliminating the need for manual data entry or duplication. By integrating with other systems, you can achieve a holistic view of your workforce management, streamline processes, and enhance overall efficiency.


With CASOPLUS, you can centralize your casual labour management while maintaining compatibility with your existing systems. This interoperability enables seamless collaboration, data synchronization, and reduces the risk of errors or discrepancies in pay settlements.


By leveraging CASOPLUS’s integration capabilities and support for various pay settlement periods, you can achieve a streamlined and efficient casual labour management process that aligns perfectly with your organization’s payroll practices and integrates harmoniously with your existing systems, providing a unified and comprehensive workforce management solution.

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