Weekend Recreational Activities Hot Spot. ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL Uses Cityray’s HRMS for Daily Operation

ALVA HOTEL BY ROYAL is located near the notable Shing Mun River in Shatin. A popular location for locals and tourists to enjoy both recreational activities, such as rowing, cycling and more. ALVA HOTEL design encompasses user-friendly technology, bringing an entirely fresh, smart and dynamic stay for guests.

ALVA HOTEL has been closely cooperating with Cityray since their opening in 2019. They have adopted iHRPLUS® EVO-6 and ESS eLEAVE and e-ATTENDANCE modules to meet their needs in daily operation. The two self-service modules are released to employees to improve management efficiency and significantly reduce time spent on processing relevant employee data.

Cityray has been providing professional and stable services to ALVA HOTEL throughout the years of cooperation, including implementation and service support stages. To ensure the system is functioning at top efficiency and aligning with ALVA HOTEL current business development.

In November 2021, Cityray is honoured to receive an appreciation letter from ALVA HOTEL to express their gratitude toward Cityray’s HRMS and services. In the days to come, Cityray will continue to provide professional and sincere services to meet various challenges with customers, strengthen human capital, and strive to provide numerous HR management technology solutions.





自 2019 年開業以來,施特徫一直緊密合作。提供人力資源管理系統 iHRPLUS® EVO-6 並員工自助平台 ESS。eLEAVE 及 eATTENDANCE 為員工減省查詢及運算員工數據所花費的時間,大大提升管理效率。


於2021 年 11 月,施特徫很榮幸收到帝逸酒店的感謝信,對施特徫人力資源管理系統和服務予以表揚。施特偉秉承強化人力資本的初心,努力為客戶提供各種人力資源科技方案。

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