Pounding through the pandemic, Travel Circle International maintains 27 years of partnership with Cityray

During the breakout of COVID-19 since the end of 2019, all industries have been affected, especially the tourism industry. Travel Circle International Limited (TCI) has been striving through the situation with its solid footing and a positive attitude. Cityray has provided them with attentive services, aiming to push through these difficult times together.

TCI has been using Cityray’s HRPLUS® as their human resources management system since 1995. In these 27 years of partnership, HRPLUS® has been assisting the HR department in enhancing workflow management and HR operations, which lessen the time spent on dealing with these complicated processes, enabling them to focus on their business developments.

The government has been changing HR related policy over the years, such as MPF, minimum wage, 14-week maternity leave, etc. that brought a need of change in HRMS setting. Through Cityray’s support service, those issues are resolved in HRPLUS® in a professional and highly efficient way, ensuring the HRPLUS® functions agile with changes in the business development and the current regulations in Hong Kong.

Cityray is honoured to receive an appreciation letter from TCI. What makes a long relationship? Dedicated service and robust system are the only key but no others. We strive to creating value and enhancing your human capital with our latest HR Tech solution, like TCI.


並肩同行,共抗疫情 TCI勝景遊與施特偉結伴27年

自 2019 年底以來, 在新冠肺炎爆發期間, 所有行業都受到相對的影響, 尤其是旅遊業。 TCI勝景遊以紮實的根基及積極的營商策略疫境自強。施特偉與TCI勝景遊攜手並肩,為其提供周全的服務。

自 1995 年以來,TCI勝景遊一直使用施特偉的HRPLUS®作為其人力資源管理系統。27 年來,施特偉系統HRPLUS®協助人力資源部門提高工作流程管理和運營,省卻處理複雜流程的時間,讓能更專注於業務發展。


施特偉很榮幸收到來自 TCI勝景遊的感謝信。 如何造就長久的關係?專注的服務加上穩健的系統是唯一的關鍵。我們期待以人力資源科技為您創造價值,正如助TCI勝景遊般,為您強化人力資本!

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