25 Years Long-run Partnership, Cityray accelerates HR Management of Pacific Infrastructure Limited by a HRMS upgrade

Pacific Infrastructure Limited is one of the well-known tunnel operators in Hong Kong. With their vast experience in the industry, and around the clock road tunnel operation and maintenance services , they have been given the management, operation and maintenance contract for Eastern Harbour Crossing from Hong Kong government in 2016. In 2018, they further established Pacific Infrastructure Management Limited to manage Tate’s Cairn Tunnel.

Pacific Infrastructure Limited has been in a partnership with Cityray for 25 years and has been using Cityray’s HRPLUS® V9 for their HR daily operation. To ensure the system is at its top efficiency, Cityray has been providing responsive and diligent support services, ensuring the system copes with the changes in policy within the company and the Hong Kong government.

In addition, Cityray also provides tailor-made functions to meet their complex attendance management needs. The functions systemize those tedious procedures, lessen HR staff workload and free up more time for their corporate developments. This is the responsibility of Cityray to Pacific Infrastructure Limited.

Cityray is honoured to be supported by our client and choose to upgrade their HRMS to express their recognition of Cityray’s systems and services. Cityray will continue to be client-oriented, provide more efficient HR technology and create more value to our clients.

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泰富基建有限公司與施特偉合作已有25年,並一直使用施特偉 HRPLUS® V9 處理人力資源日常營運。為確保系統發揮最高效率,施特偉一直提供迅速及細致的支援服務,確保系統能夠靈活應對業務發展和香港現行法規的變化。



Tel : (852) 2111 7111   |   Email : enquiry@cityray.com   |   Cityray.com

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