Novotel Citygate chooses Cityray as its HR management system provider

Novotel Citygate, a subsidiary of the well-known hotel group AccorHotels, has always been popular with tourists for its stylish design and complete facilities. In addition, the Hong Kong International Airport and many Hong Kong tourist hotspots (including Hong Kong Disneyland, AsiaWorld-Expo, Ngong Ping Cable Car, Big Buddha, etc.) are closeby, which appeals to holiday and business travellers.


In order to meet Novotel Citygate’s human resource management needs, it reached a cooperation agreement with Cityray in the first quarter of 2019 to upgrade the existing technology system. The plan mainly includes: 

  • iHRPLUS® EVO 6 as the core system, enhancing the accuracy of calculation of salary-related items; 
  • The add-ons of the Employee Self-Service system and functions, such as leave management, shift management, attendance management, and electronic payslips and tax return downloads, allowing employees to check their shift information with ease, as well as the process of leave applications and other matters.


Nowadays, 13.1% of Hong Kong hotels use Cityray’s technology solutions, with a utilization rate of hotels with 5-stars or above as high as 30.8%, which shows that Cityray is supported and trusted by the hotel industry. 

With a detailed understanding of the hotel industry operation and adaptable tailor-made design schemes, Cityrya can implement satisfactory solutions for hoteliers. 

To learn more about Cityray’s latest technology solutions, please call (852) 2111 7111 or email to contact our professional consultant team.


諾富特東薈城酒店(Novotel Citygate)選用施特偉

著名酒店集團雅高酒店品牌旗下的諾富特東薈城酒店(Novotel Citygate),其時尚的設計及完善的設施,一直深受旅客歡迎,再加上鄰近香港國際機場以及多個香港旅遊熱點(包括香港迪士尼樂園、亞洲國際博覽館 、昂坪纜車以及天壇大佛等),實在是渡假及商務旅客的一個稱心的選擇。


諾富特東薈城酒店為配合其人力資源管理的需要,於2019年第一季度與施特偉(Cityray)達成合作協議,提升現有的科技系統,方案主要包括:以iHRPLUS® EVO 6 為基礎,加強薪酬相關項目計算的精準度;新增員工自助服務系統,並加入休假管理、編班管理、出勤管理、以了及電子糧單和報稅表下載等功能,讓員工可以輕鬆掌握排班資料以及處理休假申請等事項。


現時香港有13.1%酒店使用施特偉的科技方案,而5星級或以上酒店的使用率更高達30.8%,施特偉得到酒店業界的支持及信賴。憑藉對酒店業運作的細緻了解,以及靈活的度身設計方案,施特偉定能為酒店業者實施稱心滿意的方案。如欲了解更多關於施特偉的最新科技方案,歡迎致電(852) 2111 7111或電郵至 enquiry@cityray.com與我們的專業顧問團隊聯絡