MCM Hong Kong joins hands with Cityray to create a new era of mobile management

MCM Worldwide is a luxury leather brand that originated in Germany and was founded by the famous movie star Michael Cromer. As early as 2014, MCM Worldwide has chosen Cityray as its HR technology partner in Hong Kong and chose the iHRPLUS® EVO 6 as their human resource management system.

In order to enhance the effectiveness of the existing Employee Self-Service system, MCM adopted the Mobile HR+ mobile application to open more functions for employees to use on their mobile phones, including: leave application and leave balance management (the manager can manage the approval process through their mobile phone), view monthly salary information, receive the latest company news release, use GPS positioning function for attendance records, etc.

The implementation of Mobile HR+ is expected to be completed in the final quarter of 2019 to greatly enhance the effectiveness of MCM’s existing employee management system, with an aim to achieve the goal of increasing front-line production.


In the past years, Cityray has successfully implemented talent management systems for many internationally renowned fashion brands (including Fortune 500 companies) to support their development and operations.

For more information about Cityray’s latest human resource management technology, please call 2111-7111 or email to contact our professional consultant team.



MCM Worldwide為一家源於德國,由著名影星 Michael Cromer創立的名貴皮革品牌,早於2014年已成為施特偉香港的合作伙伴,選用了iHRPLUS® EVO 6 人力資源管理系統。為提升現有員工自助服務系統的效能,MCM採用了施特偉移動 (Mobile HR+) 手機應用程式,藉此開放更多功能給員工於手機使用,當中包括:申請休假以及休假結餘管理 (批核者可於手機管理批核流程)、查看每月薪酬資料 、接收公司最新的消息發佈、用GPS定位功能作考勤紀錄等。Mobile HR+預計於2019年第四季度完成實施, 藉以大幅提升MCM現有的員工管理系統的效能,以致達成增加前線生產的目標。


過往多年,施特偉成功為多個國際知名時尚品牌(當中包括財富500強企業)實施人才管理系統,以作為他們發展及營運的後盾。如欲了解更多施特偉的最新人力資源管理科技,請致電2111-7111或電郵至 與我們的專業顧問團隊聯絡。