Hopewell Asset Management Limited, the half-century legend, has joined hand with Cityray for HR Tech level up in 2019

Hopewell Group is one of the remarkable enterprises which has been developing in Hong Kong for half a century. The main business of Hopewell would be diversified as property investments and developments, energy, hotel, and catering. And the Hopewell Centre locating in Wan Chai would be one of the landmarks of the Hong Kong Island for a few decades. Starting from the 70’s and 80’s, Hopewell has taken part in the development of infrastructures in the Pearl River Delta in China, such as the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, the Luohu Joint Inspection Building, and the Hu-men Bridge. Other than the development in China, Hopewell has also engaged in the infrastructure developments in other Asian countries, that proved its esteemed position in the infrastructure development sector. 


Owing to the sustained development of Hopewell, the demand for HR management technologies has also increased. To cope with this, one of the subsidiaries, Hopewell Asset Management Limited (HAML), has signed the agreement with Cityray in 2019 for the level up of existing HR technology. This project would include the deployment of the Employee Self-Service (ESS) module of iHRPLUS ® which aims at opening the e-roster and e-attendance management platform for the employees. Also, Cityray would build up a tailor-made interface for HAML to synchronize the staff profile and leave data to the third party system, which could enhance the efficiency and accuracy of data transmission. The project would trim down the time of HR users for handling the daily operation significantly and strengthen the security and accuracy of data. 


Over the years, Cityray has been providing cutting-edge HR Tech to large-scale enterprises in Hong Kong. In recent years, Cityray has implemented the API strategy, which enabled the products and solutions to be compatible with the API project connecting to other third parties systems. This could let corporates to unify the systems and avoid the duplication of time for data processing. To know more about Cityrays latest HR Tech solutions, please contact our HRMS professional team at (852) 2111 7111 or email to enquiry@cityray.com . 



2019 聯手施特偉科技,提升HR管理 




隨著合和集團繼往開來的持續發展,其對人力資源管理科技方面的需求亦不斷提高。於2019年初,合和旗下的合和資產管理有限公司與施特偉(Cityray)達成協議,提升現時的科技方案,當中包括:採用iHRPLUS ® 的員工自助服務系統,開放自助編班及自助出勤管理;制定專屬的介面,並將員工個人資料及休假資料同步至第三方系統,從而將資料自動及實時地傳輸。這次升級工程可以省卻HR人員以往在處理相關數據時所花的時間,以及提升資料傳輸的準確度。 


多年以來,施特偉曾為眾多大型實業集團提供服務,制定專屬的HR科技管理方案。施特偉早年更引入API策略使旗下系統全面支援API方式銜接任何第三方的系統,使企業客戶能更無縫銜接不同系統,管理更加統一及省卻重覆處理數據的時間。如欲了解更多關於施特偉的最新科技方案,歡迎致電(852) 2111 7111或電郵至 enquiry@cityray.com與我們的專業顧問團隊聯絡。