Legacy Goes On! Cityray’s HR Profession Provides Reliable HR Backing for Canon Electronic Business Machines

Canon Electronic Business Machines (H.K.) Co., Ltd. (CEBM) was founded in Hong Kong in 1992. To carry the legacy of the commercialised business of the desktop electronic ten-numerical key calculator forward, they continue to deliver top-quality and innovative products to bring values for their customers.

With 24 years of good partnership, CEBM is currently using Cityray’s iHRPLUS® EVO 6 and Employee Self-Service System’s eLEAVE and eATTENDANCE modules in their operation. With ESS, the system centralised all records and synchronised them to company’s database, saving time spent on sorting manually.

Just like CEBM, Cityray is a customer-oriented company, providing top-quality products and services is one of our aims. Throughout the years, Cityray has been providing CEBM with professional support services. Our team diligently fulfils all CEBM’s requirements, creating a reliable HR backing for CEBM to continue with its business legacy.

Cityray thanked CEBM for the appreciation letter, expressing their appreciation and recommendation for Cityray’s support and customer services. Cityray will continue to develop more innovative HR-Tech that bring value to our clients.



佳能電產香港有限公司(CEBM)於 1992 年在香港成立,作為繼承桌面電子十鍵計算器商業化業務的傳奇,三十年來以提供最優質和創新的產品,為客戶帶來價值。

憑藉 24 年的良好合作關係,CEBM 目前正使用施特偉人力資源管理系統 iHRPLUS® EVO 6 和員工自助平台系統管理薪資及勞動力管理,將所有數據同步到中央人事數據庫,節省人手排序所花費的時間。

與 CEBM 一樣,施特偉亦是一家以客戶為本的公司,旨在為客戶提供優質的產品和服務。多年來,施特偉一直為CEBM 提供專業的技術支援,滿足 CEBM對人力資源管理的要求,傳承其業務再創輝煌。

施特偉感謝CEBM送來的讚譽信,對施特偉的支援和客戶服務表示認可及推薦。 施特偉繼續開發更多創新的人力資源技術,為我們的客戶帶來價值。

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