Casual Labor Management System: Benefits and Features

Features of casual labour management

Casual labor known as freelancer, slasher, serves as a new trend of labor market. Casual labor refers to employees who work on an as needed or temporary basis, often with no long-term commitment to the employer. They are often characterized by flexible work arrangements, where employees work on an as-needed basis, with no guarantee of ongoing work. Casual labor is typically short-term in nature, ranging from a few days to a few weeks or months, paid on an hourly basis, with no guarantee of a minimum number of hours per week.

Benefit of adapting casual labour management

Cityray Casual Labour Management System – CASOPLUS handle complicated and highly flexibility needs of managing casual labours, making the management process more efficient with less effort. CASOSMART provides a one-stop human resources solution for the corporation to manage flexible on-call schedules for temporary employees. It simplifies complex work processes and saves resources by allowing users to establish projects according to their specific needs and easily plan the number of temporary staff required. The system automatically calculates the total salary and related expenses based on user requirements. Colleagues can then approve budgets and match temporary workers for shifts, effectively controlling all operational costs. Furthermore, the system includes a 418 reminder for working hours, enabling HR to hire talent in a convenient and time-saving way. When temporary employees arrive for their shifts, control room personnel can remotely view their start time and job position through CASOSMART and print their work identification for identification purposes. Upon completion of their work, CASOSMART records the temporary employee’s departure time and details of their work for payroll management. Finally, iHRPLUS stores the temporary employee’s work records for salary, MPF, and tax calculations. The system supports the contribution requirements of the Hong Kong Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority’s “industry plans” and special handling for multiple salary payments.

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