Integrated with high flexibility

to adapt to dynamic market changes

Cloud Service for Enterprise Level

Taken security, management, compliance and other elements into account,
Cityray provides full control SAAS for companies.

HCM Cloud iHRPLUS SAAS is a platform developed based on HR capital management for enterprise. Cityray used the concept of human capital management into its SAAS, to help companies to reduce system purchasing costs and implement risks. To standardize and optimize the business process of human capital management can help companies to meet strategic objectives, thus enhance the competitiveness.

SaaS Cloud Service

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-service, it is a type of ‘’On-Demand Software” providing
through the internet. It is a new trend of software development and it is different
from traditional C/S and B/S as below:

SaaS C/S 、B/S
Provides software model on the internet where the application is on the server. Client can order the required software services and pay according to the number of modules and the period of the services.
Database is installed on client’s server, user can access and operate with browser or through client server
Software and services
Purchase separately
Purchasing Method
Pay by leasing, period of time and function. User can flexibly start and cancel using it.
One-time purchase
Hardware Requirement
Only internet
Server, network device, storage device, etc.
Software Requirement
Web browser
Server operating system, database
One time payment of project implementation fee, regular software rental service fees.
Project implementation cost, software and hardware cost

Secure and expandable, SaaS Management can
be your perfect assistant

With detailed design in technical, security certification, personnel management and service requirement,
together with strict implementation, a comprehensive system is developed allowing
expandability, high speed, flexibility and cost saving.